Take Your Furry Friend to a Dog Park

Well-socialized, well-behaved dogs gain great benefits from trips to the dog park. They work on pack skills, learn to deal with other dogs in a strange space, and reinforce off-leash skills. What is a dog park, though, and what dogs should go?

A dog park is an official off-leash area designed for dogs. They are fenced in, to keep the dogs contained. In some cities they may be only a few hundred square feet, but in mid-sized cities and suburbs they can be much larger. Dog parks have grass, gravel, or sometimes just dirt for dogs to run and roll on. Agility training equipment like a teeter-totter or jumps are in place at many off-leash sites, like playgrounds for dogs.

Much like children’s playgrounds, dog parks require certain behavior for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Fur-kids that won’t come when called, requiring their people to chase them all over are probably not ready for a day at the park. Dogs that react violently to strangers might need more time meeting strangers in a controlled environment before being tossed into the chaos that is a dog park. Animals with dog aggression should never go to the off-leash park. For well-trained, healthy dogs, though, the chance to run and play with new friends is a great opportunity.

Training your dog for the dog park at home is possible. Most people choose to do so by using a dog playpen. A dog playpen gives your dog the opportunity to run around in a confined area. By being in a safe, confined area, you’re able to train your dog. You can slowly have other older, friendly, well-socialized dogs come over and join your dog in their pet playpen. This will allow you to better control how your dog acts with others. This is why we highly recommend that you get your dog a dog playpen for when you’re at home. This way the dog is used to being in a confined area while surrounded by people. It’s the perfect way to train them for the dog park. It’s also the perfect way to keep your dog safe when you’re not home. Did you know that 68% of all dog owners have a dog playpen? It’s one of the most important things to get – almost as important as a dog crate and a dog bed. Dog playpens come in multiple options – wired, mesh, portable, foldable, heavy-duty, you name it – they make it! They also make dog playpens in all sizes – large, small, medium, two door, one door, etc. It’s simply amazing at how many variations of dog playpens there are.

Check with your local dog specialist if you have any questions.